The Heart Project is proud to have been selected as one of the four collaborating artists for CULT&RAIN’s upcoming NFT sneaker collection. The Heart community will have a chance to participate in the design process of creating a high-end luxury sneaker, to then be released in the form of an NFT that can be used to redeem a physical edition of the sneaker.

Founded by George Yang, CULT&RAIN is one of the leading fashion brands in the metaverse to merge innovative non-fungible art with exclusive high end physical redeemables. George is an accomplished fashion creative director with over 17 years of experience across New York, Milan, and Paris; leading international design studios within the luxury & premium fashion industry. The Heart Project is excited to work alongside George and his team to gain insight about the ins and outs of the high-end fashion industry, come together with our community to experience the process of designing a collaborative Heart Project sneaker and watch it come to life!!

How will it work?

On February 1st, CULT&RAIN will be releasing a collection of 2,000 NFTs showcasing animated 3D models of the sneakers, 100 of which will be in collaboration with The Heart Project and our community. Each NFT represents a redeemable physical edition of the respective design which will be made in Italy and shipped to owners of the respective NFTs. A significant portion of the revenue generated from the initial sale as well as the secondary sale of this collaboration will be deposited in our DAO Gnosis safe wallet for the Heart community (more on this in our Jan 3rd Announcement).

How can I take part?

We need the community’s help to design these!! Heart holders will have the chance to work alongside our talented Stefan Meier to design parts of the sneaker and its packaging. Here’s where it gets tricky. We can’t reveal the exact model of the shoe just yet, but CULT&RAIN is allowing us to involve our community in customizing the shoe and its box. How? We’ve been given a sketch model of roughly what the shoe will look like. We want to brainstorm with our community to come up with creative designs and submit the best one! Below is an example of Stefan’s submission for the pattern for reference!

All submissions are due by January 4th at 11:59PM PST in our discord server under the #cult-and-rain-collab channel. We will pick our favorite design as a community on January 5th, and submit the final files to CULT&RAIN on January 6th. The sneaker will be revealed to the public on January 15th.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!








The Heart Project is a community-run creative studio which enables passionate lovers of creativity to shape the art we interact with.

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The Heart Project

The Heart Project

The Heart Project is a community-run creative studio which enables passionate lovers of creativity to shape the art we interact with.

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